Friday, February 5, 2016

Ken Whitman Reveals the Fate of the KotDT: LAS Videos

Watch the video. 

Ken reveals all.

Wait for the GoFundMe Campaign to raise money for the ransom later this month.

Tip of the hat to +Tim Snider


  1. Comments disabled on the YouTube video. The ONE time I wish they weren't lol

    1. Looks like comments are disabled for all videos from the Atlanta Actors Coop -- another of Kenny's shilling corps?

      And hey! Kenny's in annudder!

  2. Oh my, that's terrible. I'd say don't quit your day job, but since his day job is ripping people off.. well..

  3. Why are they remaking scenes from other movies?
    FWIW, the actual movie is fantastic. Brad Pitt and George Clooney are fantastic. LOVE Burn After Reading

    1. If the goal of this video was to be a demonstration of Ken's acting ability, I think the absolute last thing he should be doing is drawing comparisons with himself and real actors. FAIL.



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