Friday, January 15, 2016

White Star - Thoughts on the Star Preacher / Star Priest

As I twiddle away at the Star Preacher class for White Star, it occurs to me it might be better suited as two classes.

One class, the Star Preacher, for the independent wandering preacher who really isn't tied down to an organized religion per se and aStar Priest - part of an organized religion with a hierarchy, possible military links and what not.

One who find his strength based on faith, one finds it rooted in the organization itself.

The Star Priest would resonate in a Warhammer 40k type campaign or The Dark Side in Star Wars whereas the Star Preacher would have his inspiration in Pale Rider and the like. Yeah, I'm certainly in an Eastwood frame of mind...


  1. Both sound like fun, but then again I am somewhat biased with religious based classes.

  2. This is making me think that a space-based game of Dogs in the Vineyard could be really cool...


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