Monday, January 11, 2016

Vault of the Drow - D3 - Cartoon Walk Through

I love the cartoon adventure walk troughs written / drawn by Jason Thompson and released on the web by WotC. They are charming, deadly, funny and often accurate as all hell. I'd love to frame them all.

The latest is the classic Vault of the Drow from the old AD&D 1e days. Above is the lo-res version. Go to the WotC link that follow to find the link for the hi-res version. WotC Link


  1. Jason does sell prints of the walkthroughs at his shop: http://store.mockman.com/collections/walkthrough-map-prints

    I plan on buying at least two of them to spice up the old game room.

  2. I bought the entire set of them (other than this new one). They're worth the money, in my opinion. It's the kind of D&D tie-in merchandise I'd like to see more of.


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