Thursday, January 14, 2016

Time to Award Gifts! - OSR Christmas - Extended Edition - Lots of in Print Goodies for the Good Boys and Girls (US Only)

Thank you all for sharing your favorite OSR resources and systems.
The book sets have been randomly assigned and the winners are listed below! Congratulations to all of you!

Set #2: Castles and Crusades core books - Stu Ordana
Set #3: Swords and Wizardry Razor Coast book - Rick Stump
Set #7: Magazines - Peter Schweighofer
Set #8: Snarfquest compilation + FRPG Bible - Paul

Set #1: DCC modules and Transylvania Adventures - goeticgeek
Set #4: Swords and Wizardry Razor Coast book and modules - Christian Kolbe
Set #5: Necromancer/Frog God Games d20 modules - Jacob Kipfer
Set #6: Dyson's Delves books - JasperAK

Winners who haven't heard from Keith directly are encouraged to contact him via PM at +Keith G Nelson   Anyone who, for some reason, doesn't want the set they've won, please let Keith know either here in the comments or via PM and he'll pick another winner for that set.

Happy New Year to you all!

+Keith G Nelson


  1. Is there an e-mail address that we can contact Keith at? I don't do the google plus thing. Really excited about winning!


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