Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Kickstarter - Curse of the White Mine (5e adventure)

If I didn't know better, I would think +Lloyd Metcalf had some inside knowledge that WotC was going to release and SRD and OGL for D&D 5e today. I do know better, so coincidence is strong but that's all there is.

Curse of the White Mine is a non-linear single session full color quest for D&D 5e. If you know Lloyd, you know his adventures are well written and his art is simply amazing. Full color art from Lloyd? Color me excited ;)

Me, personally? I'm in for the 3 copies and the doodle, simply because original Lloyd Metcalf art is amazing to behold. I've been told I need to get Lloyd to do a banner for The Tavern and I may just have to back him in a corner when he has some free time to get him to do so ;)

So, what is Curse of the White Mine?
Curse of the White Mine is designed as a 5E, non-linear, single session adventure. Major campaign disruptions are kept to a minimum so as not to intrude on your master plan or current quests in progress. This adventure is not arranged in a ‘railroad’ fashion. Players are not required to push through encounters in any particular order. 
This one-off adventure will finalize in the 20-24 page range. It will be printed in Full premium color all the way through from cover to cover. 
Writing & editing is completely finalized. 75% of illustration and layout is currently finished and should be complete before January is over.
It funded in about 12 hours.

If that doesn't speak volumes about the quality of work Lloyd does, I don't know what does/

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  1. I think I own every one of Lloyd's books - his artwork is especially fantastic!


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