Sunday, January 10, 2016

White Star - Scoundrel (Character Class)

Everyone has a bit of a scoundrel in them, or so it is said, but Scoundrels have found a way to make a living off of being one. A little bit charmer, a dash of thief and a large amount of luck keeps a Scoundrels pockets flush with credit and coin (because you never know what kind of currency the next world will accept.)

Scoundrels rarely name themselves as such. Pilots, traders and other innocent trades are often the mask they ply their trade under. As such, they often supplement their illicit income with more legitimate means.

LEVEL      XP      HD      BHB      ST
1                  0        1           +0        13    
2              1,750     2           +1        12
3              3,500     2+1       +1        11
4              7000      3           +2        10
5            14,000     3+1       +2          9
6            28,000     4           +3          8
7            56,000     4+1       +3          7
8          112,000     5           +4          6
9          224,000     5+1       +4          5
10        448,000     6           +5          4

Weapons / Armor Restrictions - Scoundrels may use clubs, daggers, firearms, laser pistols, mono-daggers, mono-swords, staffs, and swords. They can wear Light Armor and may use shields.

First Time Charmer - The first time in a particular bar, store, lodging, starport, etc the Scoundrel is treated like a long lost friend. Later visits the Scoundrel is treated like a long lost friend that skipped out on their bar tab (which the Scoundrel probably did)

First Strike - Once per day the Scoundrel can make a saving throw (adjusted by Charisma bonus if any) before entering combat. If successful, the Scoundrel has the drop on his / her opponents and has a free attack (also adjusted by and Charisma bonus) before initiative is rolled. If the roll is failed, initiative and combat proceeds as normal.

XP Bonus for Charisma - Scoundrels with a Charisma of 13 or 14 receive a 5% Experience Bonus, and those with 15 or higher get 10%.

Underworld Contacts - Scoundrels have a contact in the underworld of every world they visit. Contacts are not friends. Business is business.

(to use with White Box: Weapons - All one handed weapons and crossbows. Armor - leather and shield)



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