Friday, January 15, 2016

Do You Publish For White Star? Trying to Compile a Full and Accurate List of White Star Compatible Releases

It was mentioned elsewhere that White Star compatible releases had slowed down to the point that they were negligible. That very well be the case, but it's damn hard to tell with RPGNow's horrible search function.

I found 48 White Star compatible releases (which is FAR from negligible for a game that released last May) beyond the core book in the first three pages of results searching for White Star on RPGNow. Sadly, it also returns results for "White" and / or "Star" in the product's title or description. Following the "Also Bought With" leads on some sample hits lead me to believe there are more White Star releases buried further down in the search function results.

All of which means we don't have a central list of what is out there for White Star, so I thought I'd build one. I'll need your help.

Please add your company name and or White Star compatible products in the comments below. Beyond putting together a list of publishers and products, I'd like to do short reviews where I can and as time allows.

Share this post with other publishers, content creators if you can. I want the results to be as complete as possible.

Alright - have at it :)


  1. Ivanhoe Unbound:


    Five Year Mission http://www.rpgnow.com/product/153685/Five-Year-Mission
    The Rocker http://www.rpgnow.com/product/150850/The-Rocker

  2. Things haven't slowed down so much as evened out...and we're seeing some print products beside the main rulebook show up at last. I have nothing at rpgnow for Whit Star yet (just blogging about it) but since I only just recently got into it that will change soon, now that the game has its claws in me.

  3. Here you go Erik. Yes, I'm the Magic Pig Media guy.
    Right now all my White Stuff is under the Outer Space Raiders category. I've got another supplement coming out in the near future.

  4. I've got the core book, Uttin and Combat Medic - with the Companion coming very, very soon.

  5. Small Niche games has a class sourcebook (Gray Nebula) a race/class sourcebook (Star Gods Help Us), and an adventure (Stuck on Etholk).

    Got another adventure on the way - should be out in the next week or so.

    I thought infinibadger had compiled a catalog of White Star products?

    1. it requires publisher to "opt in" - my reach is a bit larger than The Badger's. This should be useful on his end too :)

    2. I don't plan on changing my processes for the Catalog. If people want to be included in the Catalog, they'll need to forward their information.

      Eventually the Catalog will be something that can be printed on demand and put out at conventions and offered up as marketing materials for those who want included in it.

  6. Genius Loci (me) has two releases. God's of Air & Water, and Amazons of Valsuum.

  7. I (as DYS Games) have Psionics, Psionics 2: Warriors of the Mind, Relics of the Akashics, and Between Star and Void.

  8. I (as DYS Games) have Psionics, Psionics 2: Warriors of the Mind, Relics of the Akashics, and Between Star and Void.

  9. The Marmoreal Tomb Campaign Starter for the Hobby Shop Dungeon will have a complete White Star RPG/Space Fantasy Customization Document we will put together with none other than James Spahn, who's been very gracious in allowing this to happen and is eager as we are to get to it and make it happen, including a translation of the setting to such an environment.

    We intend to continue using the converted Sandbox with Ernie Gygax at GP Adventures to unfold the rest of the sandbox of the Duinnsmere and the Hobby Shop Dungeon and allow it to be used in a space opera environment if desired.

  10. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/150755/Mail-Call--A-SciFi-Extended-Encounter?src=newest


  11. Have you taken a look at my compiled resources list? http://dieheart.net/useful-stuff/white-star-resources/

  12. I am opening a small RPG publishing setup called Stellagama Publishing, which will soon - hopefully within a month - start releasing products for Traveller and White Star - and possibly also Stars Without Number.


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