Saturday, January 16, 2016

White Star - The Man With No Name (Character Class)

You've seen them even if you didn't remark about it at the time. Drifters, yet something more. They have a purpose, something that drives them. Maybe it's revenge, but they don't seem to take things all that personal. You should know their name, but it really isn't all that important, is it? Joe? Blondie? You know, "that guy". The Man With No Name. Damn if he ain't a good shot with that gun though. When did he land on planet anyway?

The Man With No Name blends easily into a crowd, but that's the point, isn't it? Loose, nondescript clothing is the only thing in style. If you do have to take a life in the city, it's best no one remembers much about you. Of course, if you do need to take a life, it's simply justice. The law doesn't always put a value on that, and being spaced or hung is not the way for an honest man to die. Keep your head down and keep walking. Much obliged.

LEVEL      XP      HD      BHB      ST
1                  0        1           +0        15  
2              2,250     2           +1        14
3              4,500     3           +2        13
4              9,000     4           +3        12
5            18,000     4+1       +3        11
6            36,000     5           +4        10
7            72,000     6           +5          9
8          144,000     6+1       +5          8
9          288,000     7           +6          7
10        576,000     7+1       +6          6

Weapons / Armor Restrictions - Any weapon in wilderness. Any weapon concealable under his poncho or clothing in an urban environment. Any armor in wilderness. Light Armor in urban environments (unless the default armor is higher in that local) The point, as always, is to blend.

Always Has A Credit - Although The Man With No Name is limited in his belongings to what he can carry, he always has enough credit to pay for a cheap meal and a dump of a lodging. Even if he has more credit than he knows what to do with, he always goes for the cheap meal and the dump of a lodging.

Take 'Em Down Hard - Once per combat, The Man With No Name can take a -2 penalty to hit in return for rolling twice the number of damage dice if he does hit.

Saving Throw - + 2 to any saving throw that is a dodge or reflex type more

XP Bonus for High Constitution - The Man With No Name with a Constitution of 13 or 14 receives a 5% Experience Bonus. Those with a 15 or higher get a 10% bonus.

May Never Have Assistants - He's (un)lucky enough to have adventuring companions. Assistants would bring undo attention.

Fast Healer - The Man With No Name heals faster than normal folk. He heals at a rate of 1 HP of damage per day WITHOUT rest, 2 HP per day with rest.

(easy enough to use in a more standard White Box campaign pretty much as is)


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  1. I'm getting a definite Firefly vibe from this batch of class choices. I'd like to see some of these classes used in a space western adventure.


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