Wednesday, January 13, 2016

5e "Red Box" Crowdfunding on Indiegogo - Dungeonesque (That Didn't Take Long)

Remember my post about the 5e OGL / SRD from yesterday? When I wrote it I was thinking about how long it would take for someone to use the new SRD to create an OSR styled ruleset. Well, it already being crowdfunded on Indiegogo by +Stan Shinn .

Dungeonesque Red Box RPG has apparently been in the works for a bit even without a 5e SRD. Now that there is a 5e SRD it's been announced to the world. Indiegogo is far from my favorite crowdfunding platform and I truly detest "flexible funding", but with a low goal of $1,500 it probably isn't even an issue.

$5 gets you the PDFs (Player's and GM books ranging from 32-48 pages each) $10 adds POD at cost from DrivethruRPG.

It's mostly written and the funding is looking to pay for art.

Myself, I'm in for 10 bucks. This really could wind up being a viable OSR fork in the D&D 5e tree.


  1. Stann's a really good guy and a true fan of the game. This is going to be very intriguing.

  2. Flexible funding just means the project 'succeeds' no matter how many people back it. Meaning, everyone will get products, even if I don't get a lot of $. Frank Mentzer just publicly expressed support for this product! I'll work hard to try to make this product have the quality it deserves, though given how great the original was, that's a tall order! More money means better art though, which is what I'm hoping for :-)

  3. Doesn't surprise me that this is happening. I personally have a couple of "products" that are a hop and a skip from release. Nothing as elaborate as Dungeonesque.

    I feel with the rise of self-publishing the general ability of the HOBBY to put a product has also gone up. For me for my home handout I use the same tools as I do for my published projects.

  4. I will definitely be getting this. Basic is my preferred version of D&D as I never liked having to wade thru 200+ page rule books just to play a game

  5. This makes 5th edition more appealing to me, although I suspect it still doesn't go quite as far as I would like in terms of paring it down. Just getting a concise stat-block format would make a big difference in terms of my willingness to run published 5e adventures out of the box. That's always been my biggest objection to PF.

    I see that Dungeonesque has already released a series of 5e adventure modules with an OSR feel. I wish they had done the funding campaigns in the opposite order, since now the setting product looks more appealing to me.

  6. I'm in for 10 bucks Stan. BECMI is my favorite edition. Can't wait to see what you do with 5E to slim it down (and likely improve it). If you're doing the choose your own adventure technique (and I think I read that you are), please please PLEASE make sure to add some small pieces of art that depict that story arc. If you recall in the red box, there were pictures of the fighter (your character) and the Cleric. I always remember how moving that was when she died and there was a picture of the fighter carrying her out of the dungeon. It absolutely MADE the experience. So whatever you decide to do for your beginner adventure I'd love to see a piece of art or two that reflects what you're reading about, to add to the feel of it. Good luck and I can't wait!


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