Thursday, December 24, 2015

Day Nine of OSR Christmas - Post 3 - Crawl! If Ye Want to be Gifted! (Worldwide)

I told you it would be hot & heavy today!

+Dak Ultimak really needs no introduction. He is the publisher of Crawl!, the first DCC RPG zine and an awesome editor of DCC products on top of that. Gee, I guess I introduced him ;)

Dak is the ultimate Santa too. Don't believe me? Here's what Dak's giving away for OSR Christmas:
To be given away (Anywhere in the world!): 
1 complete set of Crawl!, printed+PDF.  
2 complete sets of Crawl!, PDF editions. 
3 single copies of anything I publish, in print +PDF, winner's choice (including Hack: Firearms print ed.) 
4 copies of no.11 (Print + PDF). 
5+ copies of Dungeon Crawl Basics (proof of concept/beta/not final print copies, and free copies of the final edition when finished.)  
That's a LOT of stuff, 15 prizes! And yes, physical copies go anywhere a postman will go.
How do you get to be on Santa Dak's "Good List?"

Simply go to the Crawlzine! Blog and follow the simple instructions.

Don't forget, there are two other giveaways that kicked off today :)

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