Wednesday, December 23, 2015

OSR Christmas Day Eight - Post 1 - Bearing Swords & Slinging Six-Siders (Print - International)

It's the morning of Day Eight of OSR Christmas. Your bartender work up with a cold. To be more precise, your bartender woke up overnight with a cold. Colds suck. OSR Christmas is awesome.

What on the gift giving plate this morning? Two copies of Swords & Six-Siders courtesy of +Sophia Brandt  and her blog Die Heart.

So, what is Swords & Six-Siders?
Swords & Six-Siders (S&SS) is the ultra rules-lite, 1d6 only, OGL fantasy RPG inspired by 0E, BX, and T&T. S&SS is great for both new RPGers and old schoolers alike who are looking to get more gaming done in less time. 
Two copies of the game shipping anywhere in the world.

How do you get a chance to score a copy? Head over to the Die Heart blog and leave a comment where indicated. Easy-peasy.

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