Monday, December 21, 2015

Kickstarter - Spy-a game of action and espionage Tabletop Roleplaying game (what it says on the tin)

First impressions are, if not everything, a huge part of the Kickstarter puzzle solving / funding experiment. Your project can do a large amount right and come out of the gate wrong and it's all for naught. FYI - I always copy-n-paste the project's title as is, because that's where first impressions start.

Does the above look right to you? At the very least "Tabletop Roleplaying game" should have each word capitalized. Even then it still looks awkward as part of that opening statement / project title.

I'm surprised there isn't a "Spy" named RPG put there, but checking Wikipedia there doesn't seem to be.

What does "Spy" do right? Lots.

Cover art and sample art presented to backers.

Game system basics explained.

Game mostly written and art acquired.

Sample character sheet.

Low / maybe too low funding goal.

IMHO, you should never charge a Print backer for the PDF copy. Here, it's an extra 7 bucks to go from Print to Print + PDF. Bad call.

As for how everything is presented on the Kickstarter page, I find it lacking. There's no excitement, nothing bringing me in. There are a number of instanced where it could have used editing (this is where you need perfection, because if your pitch isn't perfect we expect more of the same in the final project.) Nothing to show how this spy game is going to succeed where others haven't. In addition, I'm all for realistic funding goals, but $2,500 isn't much of a goal - especially when the funding as it's trending now shows the goal won't be met. This should have been a print on demand offering at RPGNow.

So, admirable try but I'm not backing. Not that my backing would make a difference as it's not going to fund anyhow.

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