Thursday, December 24, 2015

Look What Was Waiting for me Tonight When I Got Home

Every once in a blue moon I check Ebay for some of the older TSR era releases. Occasionally I bid on something. Earlier this week I spotted an OCE White Box Dungeons & Dragons set - minimum bid $75.

This was the description:
Box shows some wear.  All books and reference sheets show some staining on the outside. Monsters and Treasure book has some staining inside as well.  See pics.  Names are written on the inside cover of each book. Rest of the interiors are in good shape.
I figured $75 for an OCE in okay condition? I'll bid on that. Well, no one else did. It's in better condition than the description would leave one to believe. Hell, the box itself is in better condition than the OCE I bought on Noble Knight for $175 five years ago.

A very decent Christmas Gift for myself ;)


  1. Nice score Erik, enjoy your Christmas!

  2. Which printing? Jealous nerds are interested.

  3. Curious what you think of the OE stuff - I keep digging through mine and finding amusing stuff each time I do. As a game it's a really solid basis, but it just demands some wicked house ruling.


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