Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Announcement - Artist Steve Zieser Passed Today

I just read the post by Dan Proctor over at the Goblinoid Games blog that Steve Zieser has died. I never knew the man but I knew of his work. Recently, I had heard that he was ill, but never knew that it was from cancer.

It always hits me hard when I hear of someone being taken by cancer. I get that survivor's guilt, having been diagnosed nearly ten years ago and given the all clear a little more than four years ago.

Here's someone whose work I admired (even before I knew who Steve was) and what he has shared will us thus far is all we will have. His family and friends are left holding memories.

I wish I had the words to lessen the pain for Steve's survivors, those he left behind. I don't. I just have thoughts and prayers for for those that are feeling the pain of their loss. We have the legacy Steve has left us. That is priceless as well as a constant reminder of the man we lost earlier today.

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