Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Day Seven of OSR Christmas - Post 2 - Empires Fall and Gygaxes Rise (DCC and Gygax Magazine)

Day Seven, Post 2. I'm in the trenches here in OSR Christmas. Gifts to the left of me. Gifts to the right of me. Into the red depths of Santa Hell rode they who will not be named.

Er, fuck it, I'll name him. +James Carpio . There It's out there for all to see.

James is gifting some awesome goodies:

James is giving away one copy of Tales From the Fallen Empire hardcover, one copy of Tales From the Fallen Empire softcover (both with a referee’s screen), and two copies of Gygax Magazine issue # 6

Yep, four gifts up for grabs. So, whataya gotta do to get your hands on such loot?
So in order to try and win some of my Christmas swag, I need you to entertain me with a holiday gaming story. Tell me about how Sir Thurstan saved the town from Kobolds stealing presents, or about how a cyborg Santa came to town looking to kill off Gandalf. It can be a short story, a limerick, or a poem.  Those that I find amusing, I will randomly choose to win a holiday OSR gift. I may even have a few other goodies up my sleeve, so others might receive something cool as well. So please, give me a great gaming story. I will announce the winners by New Years eve and get mailing information from them at that time.
You need to got to James's blog, Hexgeneration and follow the directions above. FYI, I backed the Kickstarter for Tales From the Fallen Empire and it's worth the price of admission.


  1. I posted a tale of Nask the Dead Pine Folk dude (if anyone wants to read it and it gets approved for moderation)

  2. I love DCC. Getting a chance to play this with my party of retired prison guards would be super awesome.

    1. We were a gonzo party of adventurers, A Halfling armored turtle fighter, an Elven sorcerous bitten by a were-dragon and a Dwarven wizard wearing half plate etched in spells. The White Wizard of Nord had us questing for the great egg of a recent laying of blanc dragons. What we stole quickly hatched into a baby white dragon which we're not going to receive the bounty on. Most of the adventure was trying to unload the loot and avoid tipping off the mother of her child's whereabouts. Bi-polar bears, Hybrid heirs of the frost giant king and Ice troll queen, Hellish Reindeer, all left dead at the end of the long winters playing session. (Sometimes we get out of hand)

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  5. I posted this...unfortunately with some typos, fixed here...

    Twas the night before Christmas,
    When all through the tavern,
    Not a creature was stirring,
    Not even a wyvern.
    The ale mugs were hung,
    Over the bar with care,
    In hopes that daring adventurers,
    Soon would be there.

    The dwarves were resting,
    Snug in there beds,
    While visions of gold-heaps,
    Danced in their heads.
    And the missus in her kerchief,
    And Tenk with his cap,
    Had just broke a keg,
    With a shiny new tap!

    When out in the street,
    There arose such a ruckus,
    Tenk sprang for his stool,
    To see what was the fuss.
    Away to the window,
    He cursed with a stutter,
    Pulled down the drapes,
    And broke down the shutter.

    The snow on the pate,
    Of a stumbling, drunken fool,
    Made Tenkar laugh,
    As he fell in a pool.
    When what to his wondering,
    Eyes should appear,
    But a faerie-made coach,
    And a demonic wagoneer.

    With horns and ears,
    And hooves like a buck,
    He knew in a moment,
    It must be Lord Puck!
    More terrible than worgs,
    His coursers they came,
    and he sang and shouted,
    And called out Tenk’s name!

    “Come Tenkar, now Tenk!
    No need to be afright,
    For I fly to Greyhawk,
    This very same night!
    I've heard tell of yer tavern,
    As far as Blackmoor,
    Come now, man,
    And throw open yer door!”

    Tenk did this with haste,
    And bade him onto the floor,
    And served up fine mead,
    The best in his store.
    “Ye got brandy most fine,
    And lovely meal on yer plates,
    And I hope ye don't mind,
    But I've invited me mates.”

    With a clap of thunder,
    The taproom was filled,
    With creatures and beasties,
    And ladies in gild.
    There Strahd! There Loki!
    There Acererak and Iuz!
    Merriment they made,
    And drank all the booze.

    In the morn Tenk awoke,
    With much hesitation,
    Certainly he dreamt,
    The night's celebration.
    But there on the floor,
    He couldn't believe his sight,
    For Strahd had passed out,
    And now slept in sunlight!

    But there beneath the tree,
    Puck had paid for his folly,
    And left mounds of gifts,
    To Tenk’s great jolly!


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