Monday, December 21, 2015

Day Six of OSR Christmas - Post 1 - Start Your Engines and Adventure in The Manor

Did you notice that little bit of extra in the post title? Yep, this is actually Christmas Week, so expect the gift giving to be hot-n-heavy (I also expect OSR Christmas to spill over into next week but that is nothing new - lots of gifts to give out.)

This morning's post is linked to +Tim Shorts / Gothridge Manor giveaway of Starter Adventures. It's an awesome collection of exactly what it says on the tin - adventures to kick off a campaign.

In Tim's own words:
A good place to start new players and even GMs.  Lots of small adventures and situations to help teach the game.  In addition there is a fully developed tavern and when your new players can tell a d8 from a d12 you can graduate them to the full adventure in the back.
How do you get yourself gifted such a piece of awesomeness? 

You need to go to Gothridge Manor and follow the instructions Tim has left. That's all. Good luck!

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