Wednesday, December 23, 2015

OSR Christmas - Announcing the Winners of the Lesser Gnome Gift Giveaway

Lesser Gnome, aka +Zach Glazar . These is very little "lesser" about the publisher or the main man behind it. If less is more, that lesser is much morer... or something like that ;)

The generous scoundrel, er businessman offered up some amazing loot for those participating in the holiday known as OSR Christmas. Below are the winners (and even the losers have won something if they choose to use it.) Now, without further ado, Zach in his own words: 

There were 57 entries out of 72 comments. The remaining were replies by me and others previously entered. Two were from scoundrels (Erik Tenkar and Edwin Nagy- both knowing they were ineligible but wanted to mess with my counting :) ). I used an online dice roller to make a custom dice for winner and removed that winner for from the pool (the second winner was selected with d57, 3rd, d56 etc.).

For those who did not win I am going to offer the consolation offer of an additional $10 off the box until January 1st. The winners (and those who want to get the extra discount) should contact me via email (zach@lessergnome.com) so we can arrange for shipping.

There were enough entries for 4 Bronze (or 3rd Edition) level prizes. The winners can chose between either of our shorter modules or a multipack of figurines. They are…

1.       22 - Peter Schweighofer
2.       27 - Doug
3.       28 - Benjamin Wade Hruby

The silver (or second edition) prize, the Whisper & Venom bundle goes to

1.       6 - Chris Dawson

The Gold (or 1st Edition) Prize, the Death & Taxes Collector's Set goes to

1.       11 - Ryan Hixson

The last minute prizes of a free dice bag and set of “evil encounter cards”  (They) was not taken out of the prize pool though, they just lost on that) go to -

Dice bag-

Shot of Entropy

He won because of this…

I hate to see a nerd without a dice bag, especially during the holidays.

Evil encounter cards-

Robert Lambert

A winner thanks to this…

As a “businessman” I can appreciate evil and greedy.


Thanks to all who entered!

Happy Holidays,

Zach Glazar
Head Gnome


  1. A lose AND a winner; a Christmas miracle!

    1. You can be the world's newest dice bag owner when you send me your address- zach@lessergnome(dot)com :)


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