Sunday, November 2, 2014

New PWYW Release - The Lair of Largash the Lurid (1st -2nd Level OSR Adventure)

I do like Pay What You Want releases. It's like getting a free product with a handy tip jar if you like the product. Pretty much risk free shopping if you ask me.

The Lair of Largash the Lurid is a PWYW release from Canister & Grape Wargames. Yeah, I don't get the company name either, but whatever ;)

This is a potentially lethal adventure for a smaller party of 1st level characters. I'm thinking you might be better off using this when the majority of player characters in your campaign are 2nd level.

Even if you don't use the adventure as is, you can always repurpose the 2 dungeon level maps.
Largash the Lurid, scourge of the common folk and self-appointed king beneath the rocky hills, lurks deep within his lair. Who dares enter his realm to unthrone this most evil of monarchs? Can your brave party of adventurers defeat Largash the Lurid and his evil minions once and for all?


  1. Canister and grape are kinds of cannon shot, if that helps you any. :)

  2. Peter beat me to it, but yes... Canister and grape shot are types of ammunition for cannon, but intended to be used at close range against masses of troops. They essentially turn the cannon into a giant shotgun.

  3. Late to the party. I can "third" the explanation if the company name.
    The adventure sounds interesting. Thanks.

    1. Yeah, the adventure does look cool, I added it to my RPGNow wish list. I've got a back-log of adventures already but I don't want to forget this one is out there.

  4. "Canister and Grape" is about as grognardly a name as you can get! :)

    1. Thank you sir. That is pretty much the ultimate accolade :-)

  5. Thanks for the shout out. Hope you enjoy it!


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