Friday, November 7, 2014

If You Go Through Life Trying to Never Offend, You'll Never Please Them Anyway

As gamers I'd like to think we don't look to offend others, especially our fellow gamers. At the same time, if you make your focus to never offend anyone at the gaming table, you are going to have a miserable time. You'll probably also fail miserably.

We all do it. Something said in jest that someone else feels offended by.

The secret as I see it, is not repeating the offense once it's brought to your attention. Which requires a gaming group that is open enough to discuss these issues briefly when they come up, and not let them fester.

I personally guarantee that I will offend folks, now and in the future. It's human nature. Just don't make it personal ;)


  1. I choose not to be offended by this.

  2. I'm deeply offended by your choice not to be offended.

  3. I am considerably offended by knowing I will never be perfect and not feeling that catholic-guilt about such anymore. Life without strife, rare indeed.

  4. This came up last night.I was lovingly describing how a pair of arrows rolled by natural 20's punctured a characters lungs.As I described the horrific affects of a punctured lung, my wife stopped me and reminded me of how the player was once stabbed during a pizza delivery robbery, and had received a punctured lung. I was abashed and ashamed and ruled the arrows a miss. She said the only was my description could have been worse was if a bear did it.


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