Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Buccaneers and Bilge Rats (Swords & Wizardry)

It's not that I totally forgot that Buccaneers and Bilge Rats released last week. It's just that I was juggling too many cats to properly get the word out.

Barrel Rider Games, aka +James Spahn , has hit the ground running when it comes to his Swords & Wizardry compatible releases. First was the Player's Companion. Now we have the pirate themed Buccaneers and Bilge Rats. Who doesn't like pirates? Besides, Barrel Rider Games has had consistently quality releases for - well, pretty much all of it's LL and S&W releases.

This would actually work well with the Razor Coast setting / adventure.

From the blurb
With Buccaneers & Bilge Rats for Swords & Wizardry (and other old-school fantasy role-playing games), you'll be ready for adventure on the high sea! This 34 page supplement brings piracy and swashbuckling your Swords & Wizardry campaign! 
Two new character classes: The dashing Pirate and mysterious Witch Doctor
The Cleric-Variant Class Priest of the Sea
Two new player character races: The graceful Sea Elf and cursed Dagonite
Complete rules for Firearms, Artillery, and Fencing Styles (note - Firearms are VERY lethal)
New Melee Weapons
New Nautical Spells
New Magic Items
Dead Man's Cove - a complete adventure ready to use in your campaign!


  1. Funny thing, I didn't even know about the existence of Razor Coast until the final weeks of production on this. Then I was like "I hope I'm not retreading or untentionally copying previously published ideas..... eh, f**k it."

  2. A party of adventurers being a ship's crew/officers makes perfect sense. But the thing I don't see on this list is rules for ships and voyages, naval combat, etc. That'd be a lot more use than new classes & races IMO.

  3. I though S&W already had rules for naval combat?


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