Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wayward Kickstarters - Myth & Magic Player's Guide - Available on Lulu - $9.99

Truth to tell, the whole Myth & Magic Player's Guide Kickstarter experience has soured me on what is otherwise a damn good presentation of 2e. I really expected anthrax or urine to accompany my copy of the Player's Guide, and I know I only got my copy because Tom hoped it would shut me up.

I'll admit I stopped reading the comments at the Kickstarter page with any regularity after July or so, as it was obvious that Tom had withdrawn himself to avoid dealing with his irate supporters.

One of those supporters went so far as to upload the Myth & Magic Player's Guide to Lulu. The Paperback version is  going for $9.95 and not a cent is going to Tom as far as I can tell. Which is music to my ears. I wouldn't piss on him if his apartment full of Myth & Magic Player's Guides spontaneously combusted.

As for the legality of the availability on Lulu, I have no opinion. I do happen to enjoy the finger being waved in Tom's direction 'tho...


  1. I hoped that less proverbial "one-hit-wonders" would be kickstarted. Better one which stays, adds PC games and Movies before gracefully stepping down again. Now I feel too old and too poor. :-( God hated my roleplaying joy from the start!

  2. I actually got in on this one, and like you have gotten tired of the whole mess.

    I sent him a message a few months ago telling him not to bother sending me anything.

    I'd rather just be left alone.

  3. Kickstarter is a bust, IMO. I bootstrapped, and I would never do anything else.

  4. Not even worth a print copy at this point. Second edition deserves better representation. This is not that game.

  5. I'm so glad that I backed this at a PDF only tier.

  6. Ahhh Tom Ryan, my favorite shyster lawyer! I'm glad that this is available in such a way that he won't profit from it.
    If only his GMG would ever get posted in such a way...

  7. This is a good game that needs to be available to us. Any idea how to get a pdf GMG?

  8. This is a good game that needs to be available to us. I have the PHB pdf, any idea how I get the GMG?


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