Monday, November 3, 2014

Some Idle Curiosity About My G+ Following

Sometime in the last week or so, I surpassed 9,000 people who have me in their circles. The number is mind blowing.

Now, I know a certain percentage of that number see to follow do so for non gaming reasons. I can't explain why they would want to read my posts and I doubt they do read them.

I am curious as to why those that follow me, especially in the last year or so, decided to join "The Lemmings." (for those not in on the joke, I've been told by certain individuals that I need to be more careful in my postings, as I have - potentially at least - too much influence on our little corner of the hobby, but I digress)

So, how did you find myself and by extension, The Tavern?

Thoughts, ideas, observations?


  1. Hmmmmm, you're right, I'm leaving... :P

    1. Nobody follows Tenkar anymore, it's too crowded.

  2. Enworld then your blog. I do have a complaint; no matter how much we run around we never seem to find that cliff.

  3. I found you through your blog, mainly, by way of the Goodman Games forums.

  4. I found your blog from someone else linking to it. Same way I found most of the OSR blogs on my RSS feed. I don't really use my G+ that often but I do follow your wall.

  5. Found the blog through http://nirdday.blogspot.ie/?m=0 I think, and don't use any of the social media type sites but since google forced G+ on me whether I wanted it of not, you've probably managed to make my very short list there too, not that I look at G+ at all really except when I'm really, really, really bored.

  6. Your blog before you were 'famous'. It's fun, you know?

    Part of it was also the Kickstarter info. I appreciate your analyses of them, good and bad.

    Most of it is the dedication to the OSR. I like to read OSR stuff and you post a lot of it, or links to a lot of it.

  7. Another OSR site drove me here after a 30-year absence from the game and culture.

    Dwimmermount was the driving force, or lack thereof.

    Since then, your content and musings have kept me revisiting as I try to pave an old road back to 1984.

    Well done.


  8. I found your blog because it was recommend by the worst parts of the Tor restricted Silk Road...where else would I have found it :)

  9. I usually find RPG blogs by doing searches, can't remember specifically how I found yours but I'm 90% sure that is how I came across yours. In a previous post you lamented about the slow death of RSS. I hope not, it is how I follow most of the blogs I stumbled upon. I search for specific content, find what I'm looking for, decide the blog is worth following, and follow through feedly. As to G+ if I follow you there it was most likely because someone last year posted a link where you could add over 300 RPG related posters to a circle with a single click. I used that, and then have been adding other folks to it steadily.

  10. I follow you on G+ because your site has become somewhat of an OSR hub, and I enjoy your take on the OSR as well as your rants ;-).

  11. I didn't undertand quite understand how G+ worked at the time. But since we had corresponded briefly on a few occasions and you had a popular blog that I regularly read, I figured you were as good a candidate as any to be an online circle friend.

  12. Something in the OSR...maybe Dragonsfoot? I've been with a while now (at least on blogspot).

  13. I literally have no idea how I started reading your blog. I have a giant collection of OSR blogs in feedly. Your blog got moved to my "read daily" category a while back.


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