Sunday, November 2, 2014

A WTF Kickstarter - RPG Dice Knobs BF Special (Special Grumpy Dwarf Guest Appearance)

They say a picture speaks a thousands words. In that case, the above pictures are more verbose than most.

I'm a gamer and I wouldn't mind swapping out the drawer pull on my desk for the proper "dice knob", but sure as "The Minister" rolls natural 1's in the once a month Friday Night Castle of the Mad Archmage session like it's his purpose in life, the above are butt ugly and they dont all look centered properly.

Oh, and they're cheap looking.

Look, they give you reasons to pledge on the RPG Dice Knobs BF Special Kickstarter site itself! (I'll let Grumpy the Dwarf
RPG Dice Knobs is the next coolest thing after RPG Dice Magnets.  (which isn't all that cool if you ask me)
 It will help me on my next projects. I got 3 great ideas, 2 are board games and one has to do with more dice.  (what the fuck does piss ass ugly dice knobs have to do with future projects? we should encourage more of this?)
 RPG Dice Knobs make a great surprising gift idea.  (surprising? yes. useful? no)
 Can be used for decoration and on drawers, boxes, and doors. (oh my!)
 Quality durable material.  (I can't speak for their durability, but the quality does not appear to be all that high - as said above, they look cheap)
 One of a Kind. (and we thank the gods for that)
If you screw it on a table, I bet people will not resist the urge to pick it up.  (yes, put a hole in your dining room table top to screw one of these in. I'll wait for your spouse's reaction. It should be killer)
Use them for display if you have a hobby store and you sell dice. (but first find out where you can get the same supply of "quality durable" dice)


  1. Not to mention looking like something you could do yourself in a couple hours.

  2. if these are for drawer pulls wouldn't you want them oversized? I can imagine the hand cramps the first time a drawer gets stuck.

  3. Pretty sure those are "Wiz Dice". The cheapest bulk dice available on ebay and amazon. They're not bad dice, but they're on the very low end of "quality" and "durability". I have about 18 sets, as I bought their 100+ kits of mixed dice to fill out my bin. They're good enough at the table but I wouldn't want to display them. They're not nice enough for that.

  4. ugly. As someone said, I coud do this myself with what's in my toolbox Not sure why I'd ever want to

  5. Also why is this on kickstarter? They already exist, already have a store and people are already buying them:


  6. I think I can answer some of these questions with one statement.

    1) People are buying his craptastic dice creations on Kickstarter.
    2) People are probably not buying his craptastic dice creations through his craptastic web site.

    Clearly, Kickstarter is proving for him to be a useful advertising vehicle to drive sales.

  7. Did not see this one but I saw the dice magnets. I think they are equal in quality and novelty.

  8. A Koplow Jumbo die would make a decent pull (d12 or d20). I have no idea how you wind up with these, even just holding the screw and die together shows that they don't really work.

    Build a jig and own a drill press, and you can easily make them to where they actually look nice. Put 'em on etsy and you have the start of a decent dice novelty store. The idea isn't bad... but this execution is terrible for an actual item for sale.


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