Saturday, November 1, 2014

Durian - Fruit or Sci-Fi Alien Seed?

So, our new neighbors gave us the above fruit. It's about the size on a medium pumpkin or a large squash. Did I mention our neighbor's don't speak much English? Yep, tonight was an adventure.

So, I cut into the fucker and this is what I saw. I think they used this shit in Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Apparently what they gave us was "over ripe."

A little Google-Fu revealed the nature of the beast. It's a Thai fruit called Durian. I think I just found the name of my half-elven bard for tonight's AD&D game.

I wish I had had this last night, as it would have made an excellent prop for Halloween.

All this got me thinking - since bizarre looking fruits exist in real life, just how bizarre could we make fruits in our fantasy and sci-fi RPGs? Have you ever added some bizarre yet beneficial fruit in your campaigns. Heck, have you introduced real life fruits like Durian into your games?


  1. Notorious as the smelliest fruit on the planet. In many asian countries they are actually banned from being taken on the bus.

  2. Dragonfruit are pretty alien-looking too.

  3. They're native to Malaysia, and I have to deal with them all the time when I fly to the manufacturing facility in Penang, in the northwest of that country.

    I have never eaten durian. I never will. Gah. The stench.

  4. Durian are delicious fresh. I ate lots of them in Singapore.

    Usually weird fruit is a bad idea to eat in game because I am overly-influenced by Jim Ward and Gamma World.

  5. Yes, as I understand it, in, say, Malaysia people either love them or hate them. And due to the smell, there's a lot of controversy over the, so to speak, air rights involved. It seems to me to be almost like chewing tobacco--an utterly disgusting habit if seen from the outside, but beloved by those that engage in it.

  6. you open the fruit wrongly man... you destroyed the seeds

  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmitvXIamFc

  8. Durian was just about the first thing I ate in Thailand. My (future) father-in-law insisted we stop by a food stall on our way to dinner and got some for me. I don't remember the smell, but it tasted fine. I think I knew what I was eating.

    Then we went to TGIFridays. In Bangkok. Which was surreal.

  9. Sort of relevant- in one campaign I'm DMing, I've needed to make up improvised weapon stats for some coconuts the PCWORLD found.


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