Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fyxt Role Play Game System - Fyxt It & Forget It

2.0, 0.2 - same difference

The Gods themselves know we have a dearth of universal roleplaying systems.

Really, when you think of it, the big three are GURPS, Savage Worlds and Hero. Heck, you could probably even throw in Basic Roleplaying and Open d6.

What we really need is not another Fantasy Heartbreaker. What we need is a Universal System Heartbreaker that doesn't even acknowledge there are other universal systems before it.

If it wasn't for the Fyxt Role Play Game System, what would we ever do? (let's bring in Grumpy)
The Fyxt Role Play Game System is the solution to the frustrations and limitations of other tabletop role playing games. There are a crazy amount of role play games available, each with its own genre and set of rules.
Yep, no other universal systems exist it seems.
Almost every other role play system available pairs the lore and the mechanics together. The two are developed and intertwined, locking players into one genre in order to play a system they like or into one system to play the genre they choose. The Fyxt RPG allows any genre within the same system, making the Fyxt RPG so different from anything else out there.
Perhaps if we say it enough, folks will believe us?
Here are just a few of the benefits of using the Fyxt RPG system. 
The Fyxt RPG system is free. Just sign up for a free account at fyxtrpg.com for the complete standard system. (but we do accept Paypal if you want more) 
Use Fyxt RPG for all of your games, regardless of genre. (or anyone of a half dozen other systems or even more) 
It’s balanced and fair for all players. The math behind the scenes makes the Fyxt RPG fun and fair for every player no matter what character they choose to play. (didn't 4e do this?)
The Fyxt RPG is focused on character and story development. Players can create what they want  to play. There’s no need to compromise a character concept in order to achieve balance within the group (and why even worry about what fits the campaign?)
Fyxt RPG is a digital data-driven system using modern technology. Fyxt RPG is role play gaming 2.0! (I thought 2e was RPG 2.0)
Imagine the possibilities the Fyxt RPG system can bring to your group’s role play game! Continue on into FyxtRPG.com to get the specifics (I can imagine myself running Open d6 before ever touching this one.)
And of course this piece:
Sign up during the Fyxt RPG's beta to receive a huge discount on a premium membership for an entire year! Use the following coupon promo code when signing up:
FyxtRPGBeta (yeah, so it pushes a premium membership - no so "free")
So, why play Fyxt when so many other tried and tested choices are out there? Damn if I know.


  1. Oh and look at all the original terms they use...

    Grants a Combat Bonus equal to the character’s Tier.
    Can be gained by Flanking.
    Can be gained by Surprise.
    Can be gained by the environment.
    Defenders on a castle wall would have Tactical Advantage over the attacking army.
    Sharks would have Tactical Advantage against humans in water.
    Alien swarmlings would have Tactical Advantage defending the hive mother’s den.

  2. I might actually consider taking a look at a new genre agnostic RPG system with a free option. But the name. Oh god the name. Fyxt? Seriously? Did they really do that? As in, like Fixed? I need eye bleach for that name. Can't get past it.

  3. Eric, your use of the word "dearth" here is kind of confusing. In the context of the writing you seem to imply "dearth" means "plentiful" or "many."

  4. Nope. If I need to go to a website to play, then it isn't a game I am interested in. If I pay for a game, I want to own my copy, not be subject to the whims of the people who are licensing me to borrow it for a little while.

    1. ...which is why I didn't get into 4E. I had reasons but at the end of the day it boiled down to two words: D&D Insider.

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  7. Players do not create! Those ungrateful creatures lean back, demand that flawless entertainment is dished to 'em in proper dosage and genre, being ten times worse than orc-babies high on crack or LSD, but convinced their mere presence would have made the day of DM/GM/ST.

    That is the one mistake I never made, misunderstanding the why of it. I was abusive, dominating, disrespecting, and victimizing because my players were precisely the nasty mf's who could only be handled by such a psycho-tyrant. The moment I tried friendliness 'em did what 'em had to, they ganged-up on me to destroy what they couldn't fear!

  8. Why do people want a unoversal system? It is nice to have consistant mechanics but better to have GOOD mechanics.

    1. Do customers aka people really want a universal system? For is it just less work for the makers...

    2. The main advantage is that a group can concentrate on the game and not so much on figuring out how to play it. Of course, there's a similar advantage in games that don't have radically different mechanics, anyway (think Labyrinth Lord/Mutant Future/Starships & Spacemen 2E/etc, plus the way that those are similar to Swords & Wizardry, D&D, AD&D, etc, and then the way that games like Flashing Blades are not really dramatically different than those; now compare those to Savage Worlds, FATE, GURPS, the White Wolf system, Shadowrun, or whatever, and how those are dramatically different and require learning a whole different set of rules).

    3. Yep, a good universal system has a lot to offer. I'm an old GURPS veteran and have gotten a lot of mileage out of it, in many genres and many campaigns. I've also done well with Talsorian's Interlock system and Chaosium's Basic RPG.

      Conversely a game whose mechanics are designed to enhance a specific genre has it's own advantages.

  9. Hey Erik -- I understand the desire to make fun of the marketing language of the site... but you would get far more material from mocking the system itself.

    Having taken a quick look at the "rules", it makes no #@%*ing sense at all... Or at least, they make it as hard as @#$%ing possible to figure out how the mechanics work.

    There is a wealth of fun-pokery to be had from this craptastic system.

  10. I can't figure out what you get for a premium subscription. Am I missing it? Should be front-and-center on the site but unless I'm missing the obvious I can't see it.

    1. No, these guys have no idea of how ecommerce works. They completely fail to describe the product(s) they are selling.

      I get the feeling it's a couple teenagers who know Word Press and is like "Hey, let's make money by having people subscribe to our RPG".


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