Sunday, November 9, 2014

It's not a Rant - It's an NPR Pledge Drive

Apparently I've been selling myself short. Over the course of blogging here at The Tavern I've probably averaged 3 posts a day for years (although currently that average is around 2 posts a day.) I guess I should be asking for $750 a month. Besides, my basement flooded with sewage last week, so give me some cash yo!

I have no problem with folks making cash off of this hobby of ours, but I must have it backwards, because I give prizes out to my readers - I don't ask them to give me prizes.

Hey, that's an idea tho. Let's turn this into a Kickstarter.

Obviously we need a goal of $500, because it's already been chosen. At $500, I'll promise 30 posts a week - that's over 4 posts a day.

If we hit $650, I'll make sure to tear apart at least one fucked up Kickstarter each week - that's a bonus post on top of the 30 posts a week.

At $750, I'll tear apart a 2nd Kickstarter. Trust me, there is no dearth of fucked up Kickstarters.

At $1500, I'll host a party at NTRPG Con - first 2 drinks for every attendee at the party will be on me.

At $2,500, I'll open a forum for the patrons of The Tavern to use. Then we can all ask the question: Which came first, the blog or The Tavern?

Yeah, maybe The Pundit has the right idea...

Currently Drinking: Sam Adams Winter Lager


  1. _Currently banging my head against the table_

  2. It's like a virtual edition of the guy at the corner with his cardboard sign! "Please help, blogging iz hard"

  3. I think the Pundit's post should say "Currently smoking: crack".

  4. LOL Wow, really? People pay for that?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I want to boot to the head too! - Previous comment deleted by Ed Gruberman

  7. Maybe shoulda budgeted that consultancy money better. :-)

  8. Well his sense of self-importance appears to coincide with his blind spot.

  9. Only two drinks per attendee at the NTRPG con party? Is there another NTRPG Con I don't know about?

  10. How did that guy find out that I invited all demons to planet earth ? x-) Yeah, John Constantine, team-sacrificing exorcist, and Warlock Holmes, Consulting Occultist!


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