Monday, November 10, 2014

Expanded Petty Gods Now Guided By New Hands

+Richard LeBlanc , he of New Big Dragon Games and winner of the 2014 Three Castles Award at NTRPGCon, has recently taken over the reins of the Expanded Petty Gods project. This project is a beast in terms of size and moving part, and if anyone can get this done and done well, it's Rich.

From Rich's latest post:
Okay. This is me, officially announcing that I have taken over the reins on the
Expanded Petty Gods project.  
Over the last couple of weeks, as I began to reach out to a few folks individually as well as the OSArtists group at Google+, I know there was some speculation. I, however, wanted to get a bit more accomplished before I made the official announcement. (As stated above, this is it.) 
I've been lucky that this time of year there's always a bit of a lull in my workload (I have two big clients whose jobs I get put to bed at the middle-ish of October), which is why I reached out to Greg Gorgonmilk to offer my assistance in taking over the reins (something we had discussed briefly toward the end of this past summer).
You can read the rest at the source, the Save Vs. Dragon blog.

Rich and I spoke about this early last week. He is still in need of some artists to volunteer their time for specific pieces. If you are interested (and really, who the hell wouldn't be) your can reach out to Rich or myself and we'll get you on your path to Petty Stardom ;)

Want a peek at some of the work that's already been done? Ratacus Gant (and two other Petty Gods) can be seen in Underworld Lore #2



  1. I'm glad that this project has been brought back to life. I'm also happy to provide more artwork.


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