Sunday, November 9, 2014

Remember That "Will DM for Money" Conversation From a While Back - We Have a Willing DM for Five Bucks Now

Let me count the problems with this $5 session just for my own clarity:

1 - It's a 30 minute session.

2 - It's aimed at newbies to RPGs. They'll need more than 30 minutes just to get a grasp of roleplaying.

3 - It's aimed at newbies to VTTs. They'll need more than 30 minutes just to get the basics of the VTT down.

4 - It doesn't say whether or not a voice chat feature would be used. Introducing players new to RPGs and VTTs using text chat is going to take more than 30 minutes.

5 - It's a 30 minute session - it usually takes us that long to get the group all logged in and the usual bullshitting

The $5 is inconsequential to the 30 minute time slot - or does he charge $5 for each additional 30 minutes?

Damn it! I'm missing out on all these ways to monetize my hobby!

tip of the hat to +Richard LeBlanc


  1. Your blog would have me believe that this is a new trend, and one I hope vanishes but soon.

    1. just things that came to my attention today

      let's see what tomorrow brings ;)

  2. Hmm, I think some people would pay you to stop posting...heh.

    $5 for a 30 minute session. It usually takes us that long to convince you to put pants on while your running the game.

  3. I'm not sure how I'd feel about paying a stranger to run a game for me but $10/hr isn't that bad, especially if you split it 4-5 ways.

    It's less than what you'd pay for a math tutor.


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