Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bundle of Holding - Old School Revival +2

This is, admittedly, a very nice collection of OSR gaming in the latest Bundle of Holding:

Dyson's Delves I contains a campaign worth of adventures and maps. You literally would need nothing else but your choice of rules and some dice.

Labyrinth Lord and the Advanced Edition Companion - these are the versions with art. It's B/X D&D with some AD&D added in with the AEC.

People of the Pit - an adventure published by Brave Halfing. I don't know enough to talk about it really.

Death Frost Doom 2e - I enjoyed reading the first edition, although I never ran it. Haven't really looked at the update.

Lesserton & Mor - I found it very reminiscent to the classics Pavis and Big Rubble for the Chaosium edition of RuneQuest, which is a very good thing, as I played the shit out of that.

River Knife Trilogy - Includes Evil Wizards in a Cave, which I have heard of, but never actually read.

Scarlet Heroes - looking for some one on one or perhaps two on one gaming? can't put together a full group? This s the system for you. +Kevin Crawford did an amazing job with this set of rules.


  1. I would be totally excited about this bundle, but I kinda knew about it in advance. When I saw the lineup I was with (hell, thanks to alphabetical order it's the lineup I'm headlining!), I was thrilled at the company I'm keeping.

    Makes me doubly happy I changed up the cover design last month.

  2. Dyson's Delves I is awesome. As Tenkar says, nothing more than a set of dice and a rulebook and you are ready to go...especially if you also have Dyson Delves II! This is a great deal almost sorry I already have nearly all of it.


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