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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kickstarter - DungeonMorphs 2: Cities & Villages: Map Generator Dice/Cards

Inkwell Designs, perhaps best known for their mapping software (Hexographer and the like) is also a fan of geomorphs. One of the earliest Kickstarters I backed was the Dungeonmorph Dice project (which my wife Rachel won a full set of at NTRPG Con this past June.)

Their latest is the DungeonMorphs 2: Cities & Villages: Map Generator Dice/Cards Project. Of course, I like it for the dice, but I am a dice whore to some extent.

The dice are high quality and about an inch per side, so the maps should be easy to read.

From the Kickstarter:
Each side of each die will have a unique design of part of a city or village. The next time the party looks for a town to stop at, roll a few of the dice, push them together, line up the dice, and you've got an instant city or village. If you need the layout later, take a picture of the dice (or cards). Use our PDF, Font or images if you want to keep track of the village/city digitally. (Every reward will include the matching image versions in either JPG or PNG format.)

1 comment:

  1. I'd roll them on my scanner or a photocopier, group them together, and then take the image of the bottom sides. That way you have something that will last longer than having to keep the dice physically together.