Saturday, November 15, 2014

It's "Teach Your Kids to Game Week" at RPGNow - There is even a "Sorta Sale"

Yes, it's Teach Your Kids Your Kids to Game Week at RPGNow, and they are running a sale, or sorts. It's strange, because much of what they have linked under the sale is not actually "on sale" so far as I can tell.

Those items that ARE on sale are 50% off in PDF and 20% off in print (assuming they are available in print.)

So, let's pick out some of my favorites:

Dragon Warriors - I've been enamored with this game ever since I saw ads for it in Dragon Magazine back in the day. I have some of the PDFs of the new edition. PDF is $10, HC plus PDF is $28 - not bad, I may get the hard cover. The rest of the books in the series are listed at $10 in PDF as their regular price, so either they aren't on sale and are normally $10, are on sale and are normally $20 and Serpent King Games did the sale wrong or should be $5. Who the fuck knows. Core book is a good deal tho'.

Little Wizards - I know nothing about this game except for Geekdad's endorsement. Still, I suspect my nearly 4 year old niece would take to it like a fish to water. We took her shopping today and she was called "A Little Princess". She got all pissy and told me "I want to be a King and rule a kingdom and kill dragons." Yes, she will be a gamer.

Mermaid Adventures Coloring Book - it's a buck. The niece likes to color. I can print out the same page over and over when she get's fixated on one ;)

Yarr! The Rules Light Pirate Game - the price is right. $2.50 in PDF and $6.79 for the Print  / PDF Combo. OSR too.

BEAN! The D2 RPG Second Edition - this D2 powered RPG is perfect for gaming with kids. An excellent example of KISS

Argyle & Crew - Adventure in the Land of Skcos - an RPG for kids as young as 4 - in print and PDF.

Lost City of the Dwarves Part 1:Discovery - an OSRIC compatible choose your own adventure. The PDF is 3 bucks and there are some free short adventures to let you know what to expect. Worth it for those days your game is canceled.

Woodland Warriors RPG - this is one of those RPGs that I'm not sure if it's actually on sale, but it's a more that fair price at $3.50 for this animal based Swords & Wizardry derivative.

Cavemaster RPG - $5.98 for Jeff Dee's 2013 NTRPGCon Three Castles Award Winner. I may very well have to grab a copy.


  1. Blue Boxer Rebellion's "Dungeonteller" is FANTASTIC for the kids. It's on sale, too.


  2. There's also Harvesters http://www.trolllord.com/siege/8901.html

    I'm sure you can find it cheaper though E-Bay or Noble Knight Games etc.

  3. woodland warriors is very good, it's a 1d6 version of S&W rules that works well.


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