Sunday, June 8, 2014

Midnight Auction Madness - The Devil is a !0th Level D... (NTRPG Con)

The midnight auction was a crapload of fun. Not only did "The Devil Himself" make an appearance, I also snagged some loot - some was strange and some was good, but it was all for a good cause ;)

Some of my loot:

at 10 bucks it was a steal
my soul for a buck

35, so I paid too much, still cool
7 bucks - Rach thought it was interesting
Just a sample of a bunch of crappy bumper stickers ;)


  1. The midnight auction was hilarious. I wanted to stay till the end but I was too tired.

  2. Old Scratch looks like he could lose a few pounds. Things in Hell must be mighty good lately! Of course, I'M not the one whose going to tell Satan he might think about a juice fast.....

    BTW, you know you have a great wife when she hands you a homemade devil outfit and adds "I'm just sorry I didn't have time to make you the pointed tail also"......

  3. You might want to retract that statement about G2. That particular logo makes that a super rare pick.

    1. Yeh that is a 1st print G2....not a bad buy for $35.

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