Sunday, June 8, 2014

I've Been to (North) Texas (RPG Con) and I Will Be Back

Rachel and I were taken out this afternoon by some of our friends that are local to the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Now we can officially say we've been to Texas, as we had some excellent BBQ in Fort Worth.

I really can't stress how amazing a time we had here at NTRPG Con 2014. The hotel staff were excellent, the convention breakfast buffet special was amazing, every game we participated in was a home run, we made and met some amazing friends, got to see some of the local scenery  - when we come back next year (and Rachel has already told me that we are coming back next year ;) we'll probably stay Monday thru Monday and use the days up front to explore the Dallas / Fort Worth area on our own.

I shook many hands, and a handshake or two may bear some fruit down the line. More on such later, if and when I have something to announce.

In the meantime, you can expect reviews of all three Three Castle Award finalists over the next week or two. Sure, I already gave Whisper & Venom glowing reviews, but I can always do so again ;)

I'm currently reading through Valley of the Five Fires (2014 Three Castles Award winner) and will be picking thru The Blood Cult box during the upcoming week.


  1. It was good meeting you and Rachel, and fun playing with you guys!

    1. Tim - it was a blast!

      You could even say you bust Rachel's RPG ch...

      er, nevermind ;)

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! You picked the right spot for BBQ in Ft. Worth.

    1. we have 2 friends that are local to Dallas / Fort Worth

      they chose amazingly well


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