Thursday, June 12, 2014

In the Hopper - Upcoming Events Here at The Tavern - From Superstars to Nuts

It's been a busy time playing catchup at work after spending the better part of a week at NTRPG Con. I also need to play catchup here at The Tavern. Here's what's going on:

 - OSR Superstar - we announced the qualifiers of the 2nd round last week. This weekend we will officially kick off the Final Round. I'll also be contacting qualifiers this weekend to find out if they want their prize via Paypal or RPGNow credit. Only 9 of the 14 have actually emailed me to acknowledge their moving on to the next round. Can't send you a prize if you don't contact me.

- Reviews of NTRPG Con acquisitions. Whisper & Venom's "Bird of a Feather, Valley of the Five Armies and a whole lotta other loot. You've been warned ;)

- DCC RPG module reviews - I got a whole bunch I gotta do. Also some idea on a post or two on how to down-convert to traditional OSR without losing the DCC flavor

- WOSR Podcast Episode One should be forthcoming in 4-6 weeks.

- Super Secret Project - Codename: NUTS (Nearly Ultimate Time Sink) - This will probably be announced late July / Early August. Ideally, it would get announced on the first podcast episode, but I'm not sure it will fall into place in time for such.

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