Saturday, March 1, 2014

Jeff Dee's Latest Art Kickstarter to Recreate His Art from the Fiend Folio

The above piece is a signed 8 1/2 x 11 print from an earlier Jeff Dee art Kickstarter. I actually make a point of NOT looking at his Kickstarters these days, as I'd be supporting just about every one and I have no place to display the art I currently have.

All of which boils down to this - the current Kickstarter for Jeff Dee to recreate his art from the classic Fiend Folio is down to about 8 hrs or so. Looks like I'm "kicking in". The Fiend Folio was my first monster manual AND the first AD&D book I bought myself (second RPG product I bought with my own money after the gray boxed Gamma World).

Here's the basic list of what Jeff is recreating:

Dead Giant (p. 6)
Aarakocra (p. 8)
Aaracocra Closeup (p. 8)
Giant Two-Headed Troll (p. 90)
Cyclops (p. 103)
Dragon (p. 106)
Knotwork Carving (p. 107)

and here are the stretch goals:

The portraits for fourteen creatures in the original Fiend Folio book were left blank. Every set of seven postcard prints - and every set of seven signed 8 1/2" x 11" prints - will ALSO include prints of brand new drawings of these overlooked creatures when backing reaches the following levels:

UNLOCKED! $1700: Astral Searcher (p. 13)
UNLOCKED! $1900: Devil Dog (p. 26)
UNLOCKED! $2100: Dune Stalker (p. 30)
UNLOCKED! $2300: Goldbug (p. 46)
UNLOCKED! $2500: Imorph (p. 52)
UNLOCKED! $2700: Magnesium Spirit (p. 62)
UNLOCKED! $2900: Nilbog (p. 67)
UNLOCKED! $3100: Poltergeist (p. 73)
UNLOCKED! $3300: Protein Polymorph (p. 73)
UNLOCKED! $3500: Sheet Ghoul (p. 76)
UNLOCKED! $3700: Symbiotic Jelly (p. 85)
$3900: Urchin (p. 92) (actually unlocked)
$4100: Vision (p. 93)
$4300: Whipweed (p. 94) AND: Every backer who pledges $5 or more will ALSO receive a signed, postcard-sized print of my re-creation of this drawing from Dragon magazine #49:

I guess I'll go in for the post casd sized and stretch goals.


  1. I always hear about these Jeff Dee KS about three months too late.

  2. I really don't understand his Kickstarters.

    Why does he need money to draw stuff? Just draw it and sell it.


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