Friday, February 28, 2014

Tales of the Fallen Empire in Hand (DCC RPG setting book)

I love it when a Kickstarter arrives at my door :)

Tales From the Fallen Empire is for the DCC RPG (and the first true setting for the game).

That being said, lets see - I could put Thieve's World (layering in Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad) in the Fallen Empire setting, reskin for S&W / Crypts & Things and throw in the mini maps I've been scratching out.

Shit, I've got years worth of gaming here.

Amazing how much I enjoy the accessories (adventures, settings and zines) for the DCC RPG and I just don't enjoy the proliferation of tables in the DCC RPG. Swords & Wizardry is just easier to run without referring back to the rules (although I'd gladly play in either)

As a side note, my only initial complaint with Tales of the Fallen Empire is negated by the fact that I don't pan to use it with DCC - I can't read the spell charts without a magnifier. Shit, my eyes are bad but those tables are horrid. Good thing I can covert those spells to S&W without too much trouble ;)


  1. Funny! I convert anything I find on the OSR for use with DCC... ;)

    Oh - Transylvanian Adventures is also a complete setting for DCC. Lots more tables, but they are mostly needed at character creation. ;) It looks like fun. Not Kickstarter-funded, I hope the creator edits it a bit before making print available...

    Totally agree on the font size issues, it's the worst with the spells because they wanted to fit them on one page too badly. But I find the whole book hard to read - too much text per page, I regularly zoom it in my PDF version.

  2. I'm sorry about the spell charts. I just couldn't figure out a way to make each of them fit on one page each without making the text really tiny. They should be easier to read in the PDF.

    -- Ben


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