Sunday, February 23, 2014

Time to Get Myself Out of the Way - Judges Now Have Access to the OSR Superstar Entries

When I thought up the idea of having all of the entries on a single document with identifiers redacted, I never thought we'd have over 330 entries. I also didn't expect the interesting bit of turmoil going on at my real life job, with big bosses being replaced and others waiting for the axe to fall or transfers to be announced - it's made for a really long work week and has left me less free time at home to put together the master document.

The judges were picked not just because they know RPGs, but because I felt they were honest and could do the job without bias. I still feel that way. Therefore, I've given them direct access to the entries via the email account. What we lose in anonymity, we make up for in time - without this we'd have lost a week at least in the process of getting the entries judged. I think it is a very good solution to get the dice rolling again.

This does mean that I can now move what little free time I have to sending all of the entrants their free PDF copies of Dagger, the RPG for Kids. I'll start sending those emails out tonight in the order the entries were received. It will take a little time, but at least we've addressed the largest blockage - me ;)


  1. LOL Love the cat in the pic and awesome we are moving on.

  2. Good idea re: giving them the login credentials. If this is an annual thing, maybe there is a way to knock together an email form that squirts the body text into a doc or something.

  3. Cool. Did you mention how many judges there are in an earlier post? Does each judge pick a number of entries or do they have to confer and come to an agreement?

    1. 3 judges

      each will give me a list of their best in order - points will be assigned and added up to give us a top 16

      in the case of ties, i have the deciding vote (kinda like the VP when he sits in congress)

  4. I don't mean to sound impatient, but would it be possible to get an update on how the Dagger emails are proceeding? Only asking because I haven't got it yet, and that's just making me slightly worried about whether my entry was even received in the first place.

    1. be impatient ;)

      progress has been slow, tho i expect to get a bunch it not all out this weekend

    2. Ok, thanks for the reply. I was just wondering if everything was in order - I understand that it takes a while. :)


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