Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Five Mapping Kits have Arrived from Across the Pond!

+Peter Regan , the Mad Mapper that Maps at Midnight! (not really, but it sounds really cool) shipped a box of mapping awesomeness that was waiting for me when I arrived home from work.
Peter's store is at Squarehex.co.uk

Peter has donated 4 bundles to the 4 finalists of the OSR Superstar Competition and also forwarded me a review copy. Let me just say I'm inspired to start mapping right away, but the size of the pads makes it something I could toy with during my lunch hour.

Each bundle contains the following:
A5 Hex pad (7mm hexes) with Super Hex
A7 Hex pad (7mm hexes) (lunch time sized)
A7 Pad of Geomorphic Intent (7mm grid) (lunch time sized)
Little Hexes mini-campaign setting (a mini sandbox campaign with a fold out map - I need to review this on it's own)
Pocket Guide to Dungeon Geomorphs
7mm plastic card ruler
Hex symbol card
Dungeon symbol card
Dungeon symbol fridge magnet (already stuck to the metal cabinet near my desk)
A7 polyfile wallet
Staedtler black fineliner pen
Papermate mechanical pencil


  1. Replies
    1. i have "hung" the magnetic one near my desk already ;)

  2. Please be advised that your Tick reference is appreciated. The kit looks really cool, too!

  3. What a great resource, thanks for sharing.

  4. Glad they got to you safe and sound. All the items are on my store www.squarehex.co.uk and the code kick6 will give a 10% discount until 1st March. Airmail postage is very high from the UK, but we operate a fair postage policy where we refund the difference if the actual postage cost is less than the site charges.

    1. Nice! I don't see the "Hex symbol card" listed for sale on the site.

    2. I put a dungeon symbol card in with every order as they double up as my business cards. I put a hex card in with any order that has hex paper. I also usually put a few other sample sheets in with most orders, provided it doesn't bump the postage price up.

    3. I've added the Hex Symbol card as a 10p product, along with a note to explain that I put one in any order for hex pads.

  5. I usually just play with myself during my lunch hour, these kits might be more productive.

  6. Any word from the judges on how things are going along?

  7. How do I order the kit as a whole? I can't find it on the website...

    1. All the individual bits are on the site. If I get a chance I'll put a listing up later today with the kit (might have slightly different contents).


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