Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tavern Winelist - Tøøthstejnn The Red, The Grimy Wyvern Wine-Hall Cabernet Franc

Woot! is one of those "deal a day" sites. They are also a bunch of geeks.

I've never bought one of their wine selections until today (and this deal has a 5 day span to run) but with the gaming theme (and the fact that I generally like cabernet wines) I had to give this a shot.
Fuel for the Fire...of Imagination! 
Hours of adventure await you and your party in the Grimy Wyvern Wine-Hall.  In every darkly purpled shadow lurks an intriguing character. 
The freebooting mercenary Blackpepper....the alluring temptress-witch Dcherryi...the cutthroat half-elf assassin twins Ceedarr and Van'Illa... 
This richly flavored source material brings a complex, multilayered world of fantasy to life, one sip at a time. The only limit is your imagination - and your bladder.
4 bottles for 50 bucks. It may be a gamble, but if nothing else I'll have some cool bottles to display ;)


  1. As long as you review them with the cat's help...

  2. I just had some Dragon's Milk Stout from New Holland brewers. Probably the first Bourbon Barrel Stout I really enjoyed. http://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/335/5428/


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