Monday, November 25, 2013

What's on Your Christmas List?

As I spend free moments updating the OSR Christmas spreadsheet, it got me thinking about Christmas (or Hanukah) list in general - alright, specifically gaming related.

Earlier today Amazon had the Dell Venue Pro 8" Windows 8.1 Tablet for $229 - it sold at shortly after I snagged it. This could certainly be my alternative to using a laptop on my trips to the Poconos, and as a player at least, the screen size should be sufficient to run Roll20 within Google + Hangouts when used in conjunction with a bluetooth mouse and keyboard. I've asked for some accessories already for Christmas (case, adaptor, mini SD Card)

What do I want for Christmas that is more directly gaming related?

Maybe I can convince my wife to get me one of the Palladium Books X-Mass Grab Bags. Not sure exactly what I would request, but I always dig original art and signed prints.

I already did the Goodman Games Grab Bag, and the loot hit a value of about $140 (at a cost of $42.35 including shipping)- even if half was 4e stuff, I can convert the two adventures to S&W for use. I did get a 3rd Printing of The Dungeon Alphabet and two DCC RPG adventure amongst the loot in question.

Kenzer doesn't seem to be doing any specials for this Christmas season.

So, what's on your list?


  1. Lamentations of the Flame Princess hardcover "Rules & Magic" book. Oh, and the Flame Princess T-shirt.

  2. Tome of Adventure Design, in Hardcover! Oh man, after getting the PDF through the OSR Bundle of Holding, and perusing it. I WANT IT IN PRINT! (waaah!)...

    I still want hardcover versions of Rappan Athuk and the Tome of Horrors! Damn you Frog Gods!

  3. This is an annual agony for me. Because my tastes and needs are so rarefied (my sister-in-law can't just hit B&N and get a copy of the original City-State of the World Emperor with the maps), I usually just end up asking for gift certificates or DVDs. There's always some new movie or TV show I don't already have.

    But if I had a true wish-list, I'd say a run of the original Judge's Guild campaign material. Not the adventures; just the wilderness stuff and the cities. I used to own it all, and that would be a really great thing to have again. PDFs just don't do it justice.

  4. Some adventurer minis from Red Box Games or Otherworld. Some Hirst Arts tiles. Time with my friends around Christmas to get a game or two in.

  5. You checked Kenzerco juuuust a bit too soon:

    Come one come all to kenzerco.com for our annual Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales.


    50% off ALL products *including* PDFs!

    Free PDF of HackMaster Basic available!

    Items will go on sale Thursday at 6pm and will run through Monday at midnight.

    Happy shopping!

  6. I am a collector of the old as well as a fan of the new so here is my quick list.

    1. The OD&D Collectors Box, I have so many copies of various pre-78 books you would think I have enough. Alas,I am a completest about those things.
    2. Stonehell 2 - I count February as a solid delivery date from its busy author.
    3. A set of artisan dice so I can make other lesser nerds tremble at Gary/NTRPG/Gen cons.
    4. An AD&D fighting wheel.
    5. Goodwill toward gnomes...and...
    6. Someone smarter than I am to announce they are doing a VTT for the Oculus Rift.


  7. A lot of lulu.com content: both Anomolous Subsurface Environment books, both of Dyson Logos's books, Machinations of the Space Princess, and Knockspell and Fight On! Compilations.


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