Friday, November 29, 2013

RuneQuest 6 PDF (and others) On Sale for $4.99 on RPGNow

There is much to like about the RuneQuest 6 ruleset, but the price of the PDF was never one of those things - $25 is steep, no matter hoe you cut it.

$5 is cheap, way cheap for what you get, and it's this price for 1 day only. If you are at all interested in RuneQuest, this is you chance to check it out. Do it.

There are other rulesets that are one sale for 4.99 for 1 day only:

Broken Shield - Superhuman Sci-Fi Noir Roleplaying

HELLAS: Worlds of Sun and Stone 2nd Edition

Midgard Campaign Setting - from Kobold Press

There's a lot of stuff on sale at RPGNow at the moment. Let me dig through and present some more highlights later ;)


  1. Tenkar,
    Have you played or been able to check out RQ6? How would you compare it to OQ2 Deluxe? I have been looking for a good d100 game for awhile now. My days of WFRP have been calling me back into the fold.

  2. RQ6 and OQ2 are books that I own in dead tree.

    RQ6 is literally too much for me to read through, and I've tried. That being said, this is loved by many, and I do mean many, so the problem may just be me.

    OQ2 feels closer to RQ2 to me - the old Chaosium version. Not sure if that will be true in play, but it's the feel I get.

    Still, at 5 bucks, it's hard to go wrong with picking up RQ6


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