Thursday, November 28, 2013

OSRIC Pocket Edition Now Available For Free in EPUB and MOBI Formats

So, this whole "Black Friday" shit has started early, and you've found yourself a deal on an e-book reader. Now, it would be awesome to read some of your RPG products on it, but most programs that do conversions from PDF to e-book reader blow chunks.

Now, if you want to put you OSRIC rules on your Kindle Paperwhite, you can read them in style (Kindles use MOBI, most other e-readers use EPUB),

You can grab the OSRIC rules for free in MOBI or EPUBat RPGNow to keep your e-reader in good company. Otherwise, you may be limited to FATE and the like on your e-reader ;)


  1. Oh how I wish there were more tabletops in the .mobi format... :-[

  2. Excellent. Another one for the geeklist :- http://rpggeek.com/geeklist/165258/rpgs-with-epub-andor-mobi-versions

  3. Yes! It's so much easier to read this way. Wonder how they're doing tables..


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