Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor / Citadel of Fire From Judges Guild / Necro Games For a Buck Each in Print!

See the above?

I had to stop myself from buying more over at Paizo's huge Great Golem Sale. These are Print copies, not PDFs. It's costing me more to ship then it did to actually buy them.

It's a good season to be a fan of RPGs ;)


  1. You get to enjoy my second published project (Badabaskor) and my maps in all three. Sorry about the humongous stat blocks didn't have a choice. In my defense I tried to pitch an alternative.

  2. I had the same experience and spent nearly twice as much on shipping.

  3. I'm in Canada. Shipping on the $12 worth of books I had would have been about $40. A bit too crazy for me.

  4. Sooo...running some Starship troopers ehh?

    I was actually and extra in that movie.

    1. Cool!

      I enjoyed the first movie, even if it was full of cheese ;)

  5. Fair warning, Dragonlords of Melnibone was regarded as a buggy, poor D20 cash-in that Chaosium spat out...even by me. See, I'm not a Chaosium fanboy despite some evidence to the contrary! =)

    The Judges Guild modules, Tales of the Caliphate Nights and Etherscope are great books and a real steal, though.

    I just spent about $200 on all the Pathfinder crud I didn't already own....guess I know what my Xmas present is!

  6. Yeah, wasn't too bad..they had an old JG Traveller one too.


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