Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Frog God Games Has a Holiday Grab Bag? F' Me!

Yep, one of The Taverns fine patrons was nice enough to point out that Frog God Games has a Holiday Grab Bag. The pricing for the lower end is kinda strange, as it mentions a 30 dollar bag but shows a 70 dollar bag as the low end choice.  edit: confusing, but it's a -$70, so effectively $30

The $99 bag gives back $300 bucks in goodies - shit, I hope I get Swords and Wizardry goodies! I'm in for $99. +Matt Finch , tell +Bill Webb to hook up trubluniteATgmail with S&W loot please (well, some classic 3x Necro stuff would work well too ;)


  1. It's -- for the most part -- the out of print Necromancer material, so that's all going to be 3E. I think there will be lots of S&W dice and the various cards, but the proportion of 3e books to S&W books will be very, very heavily on the 3e side. I don't want anyone to be disappointed -- these will be a tremendous value for idea-mining, but not so much for current, in-print titles. It's to help empty the warehouse space.

    1. the classic 3e stuff is damn good, but I'd hate to get a Pathfinder version of something with a S&W counterpart ;)

  2. Definitely possible. Although there's going to be all kinds of interesting stuff. Bill has a really huge accumulation of stuff, and Krista laid down the law about that building (they live on a farm), so opening these things and finding out what's in them is going to be pretty random and cool.

  3. Saw the Frog Gods grab bag over at the Paizo forums. Thanks for blogging about the Goodman Games Grab Bag as well. First time I've heard of it.

    This random grab bag deal is a sort of tradition for the daily (junk) deal websites. Always tempted by the mystery and the unknown of it, but never threw down for those. Typically those contain USB gizmos and car chargers. Glad to have stumbled upon grab bag deals of stuff I would actually want.

  4. Had to take a flyer on this. Thanks, Erik.

  5. I'm working on an "event" for possibly January - a bit more than a contest - and any extra loot i get from these grab bags will be put to good use ;)


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