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Saturday, November 30, 2013

So, What Was Your "Black Friday" Gift to Yourself This Year?

I've been highlighting the RPG deals as I've found them here on the blog -just look at a few of the posts right before this one to see some of the deals that are out there. I really do enjoy Black Friday much more these days, as I am 17 years removed from working retail, and almost anything that I really want to get, I can snag online.

So, what were my grabs this year?

The Frog God Games Grab Bag is probably my big gaming get. I like gaming gifts, and no one in my family know enough about gaming to do it right, so a grab bag of goodness works for me.

As for non-gaming, I snagged the Dell Venue 8 Pro with Win 8.1 and MS Office for $227 earlier this week on Amazon. Full Windows operating system on an 8" tablet. For a tech geek like me, it's an amazing little piece of computing.

So, what did you gift yourself on Black Friday?


  1. I didn't like the stupid amounts of shipping to get 12 dollars of stuff from anywhere. Adding stuff to sort of make it more worthwhile, only increased the shipping.

    So I instead ordered Judge Dredd Complete Case Files 4 and 5, and the newly out Rogue Trooper Vol 2 from Amazon.

  2. I got the Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyborea box set as well along with the PDF.

  3. a TON of video games.. sorry its not OSR but there were some games I've been wanting to play all year for ridiculously low prices.

  4. A Business Office 365 for writing collaboration and about 500 Gnome figurines :) I got a Frog God box as well, just because gambling is fun :)

  5. I got the Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyborea box set plus the two adventures. I was meaning to pick this up for a while and the sale twisted my arm so I grabbed it. Thanks Tenkar for letting us know about the sale. Always a fount of useful info. :)

  6. "Dragonshire Deluxe Edition" from Fat Dragon Games. As a european, I can't afford the absurd shipping charges from anything but PDFs these days...

  7. We don't have Black Friday in New Zealand. Of course, with the internet, I could've jumped on the band wagon and purchased online. I've just never heard of it before. It sounded like a Friday 13th kinda thing. That aside, my latest purchases have been Cosmic Encounter (board game), Best of Dragon magazine 1&2 and an old school (and very cool) 1985 Citadel miniature ('Theophilus' from the Lords of Battle range). Obviously all second hand. I turned 41 today (December 1st) and we're enjoying the summer weather here. Soon it will be Christmas and off to the beach for holidays!

  8. Coincidently, on Friday the 13th I'm playing at the Green Dragon in Hobbiton!

  9. I bought the Hyperborean pdf via this site. It was a bargain. Thanks for the heads up.

  10. I was going to pick up a couple of WFRP books from Fantasy Flight Games but the ridiculous $56 shipping to Europe ruled that out.

  11. Some 28mm WWII figures and a halftrack.

  12. I picked up a sealed copy of the 4E book Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale for around 6 bucks from a local Half Price Books. The book was already rather cheap (around 15 bucks) and I used a 40% coupon and a 5 dollar gift card I got being there when they opened on Black Friday.

  13. I lost my mind and bought the Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyborea boxed set. The first boxed set I've bought in a decade or more.



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