Sunday, December 1, 2013

Into The Glory Hole Dwarven Mine - It's Not What You Think - Maybe ;)

+Joe D and I alternate campaigns on Saturday nights. Joe will take the reigns with his heavily houseruled LotFP Weird Fantasy Blood Island setting for a few sessions, and then I'll come in with my houseruled Swords & Wizardry Complete in the Wilderlands for a few sessions. It's been working well.

Last night Joe introduced us to the classic Judges Guild module - Glory Hole Dwarven Mine. I think I actually own this and have it packed away. I know this and Srcapfaggot Green were popular choices on the worst named RPG products post I did a while back.

How did we do? Barely a scratch on the party, thanks to a well timed charm spell by one of the casters. It was either that or a potential TPK, as the party is all 1st levels and even a small fire elemental would have turned us to toast.

All hail the hobgoblin that held the controlling stone - charmed, then slept and finally beheaded by my glass-steel axe. Huzzah!


  1. Hey, Tenkar.

    I'd be interested in seeing your house rules. Having recently seen S&W Complete (thanks for the heads up!), I consider myself a fan.

    Also, how would I get more involved in the S&W community that seems to be springing up on G+.

    As always, love the blog!

  2. The Save or Die! Crew +1 is actually playing this module right now in Angry Monk's online B/X D&D game. I love the old school funkiness of Judges Guild stuff, which in some ways both paid homage to Blackmoor and Greyhawk and presaged DCC RPG...

  3. "Glory Hole" and "Scrapfaggot"?

    Are these real products?

    1. very much real = classic Judges Guild releases


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