Sunday, November 17, 2013

Downloads of Swords & Wizardry Complete and the Power of Reddit

The above graph shows the downloads of Swords & Wizardry Complete via DropBox using a "bitly" link for tracking (initially shares of the file were either via email or untracked from the DropBox file direct). See that huge spike yesterday? That was nearly all Reddit - like 98% or so. Well, it was till they nuked the posting. I rarely post anything to Reddit, and my last few from last year were my own blog posts, so this got nuked as spam for not sharing enough variety. Fair enough. Makes sense actually.

Still, the power of Reddit is amazing, or at least has the potential to be so.  As such, I have the following goal:

I'll be sharing at least one blog post a day from the many blogs I follow on Reddit. Today's shared blog post is +matt jackson 's DIY Wooden Runes post. This shit is awesome, and should be shared far and wide in any case.

Criteria for me to share it on Reddit? It has to be really cool ;)

Some more eyes (and hopefully boots on the ground) reading OSR blogs can only be a good thing. More OSR is more goodness ;)


  1. That's a very significant jump. I wish I could get past the noise to utilize it.

  2. it surpassed all of the previously tracked downloads all on it's own.

    Reddit has lots of noise but huge potential.

  3. HA! Thanks man, I appreciate it. I am certainly getting more hits today, already about twice as much as I had yesterday when I made the post originally. Never much used Reddit, in fact I am not even sure what it is! :/

    1. behold!

      the power of Reddit is real!

      BTW matt, your link is ranked number 2 at the moment ;)


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