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Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Tavern is 95% Male - According to "GenderAnalyzer.Com" ;)

Sure, Gender Analyzer is a goof. Still, it's refreshing to know that Tenkar's Tavern is 95% likely to be written by a male.

Of course, I could have told you that was 100% likely, but we obviously needed an app for that.

Just for random info, YDIS comes in at 52% male. Hell, even Zak's site comes in at 63%. Go figure ;)

Amazingly, you can even meet Pretty Asian Girl on the site too...


  1. I don't know if you should risk it.

    I mean, would you go to work if there was only a 95% chance that a clown wouldn't walk up to you and hit you in the face with a pie?

    Word of warning about Pretty Asian Girl, only two of those things are true (67%).

    And, No, I'm not going to tell you how I know which one it is.

  2. Hmph, I thought I was already following this "95% chance it's written by a male" site.

    Well, got that corrected.

  3. I tried it. It said I'm 58% likely to be male. Seems my site is pretty gender neutral.

  4. I got 58% too!

  5. So it said my site had a 59% chance it was written by a man (correct) but very gender neutral.

  6. I fed it a bunch of sites including my own. It did tend to put the more macho blogs as more male. However it guessed every single site to be written by a man; the two blogs by women I submitted were still "58% male - by a man but quite gender neutral". I got 88% for my Wilderlands game blog (swords & sorcery, all male players, runs online at dragonsfoot) , 70% for my 4e Forgotten Realms game blog (tabletop game, several female players).

  7. At 95% this must be the most masculine blog I read! :) Highest of the ones I tested was at 90% male. Lowest was at 58% male - you'd think chick in the title would be a giveaway...

  8. I've got more pretty Asian girls around me than you can shake a stick at. But then I live in Asia...

    1. Why would you shake a stick at pretty asian girls?
      Is it Kendo practice?

    2. he may not be talking about that kind of stick (bokken or shinai), Stu. He could be talking about the... other kind.

  9. I got 52% along with the caveat that my blog site was "quite gender neutral." I guess I'm not seeing the utility of this web service --- It would not be a dealbreaker for me if this site was written by a man or a woman... and I'm more than 52% certain of my own gender, so I don't think genderanalyzer helped me there. Maybe it's telling me I want to use more masculine pronouns? More sports metaphors?

    1. It's not really for you. It's for gathering data and beta testing technologies that determine if a given text was written by a male or female person, testing algorithms in practice provided by applied linguistics.



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