Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More Donors is More Better! The List of Goodies for the "12 Days of OSR Christmas" Grows in Leaps and Bounds!

This community constantly humbles me by it's generosity. I am very proud to be a part of it and extremely happy to be hosting the "12 Days of OSR Christmas" in December. We are swimming in "Santas"! You all fucking rock!

I'm going to update the list of goodies, with the additions that came in over night at the top of the list:

- $15 RPGNow Gift Card donated by Joshua De Santo

- A Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore in hardcover and a pdf bundle of all three Adventures Dark and Deep core rulebooks donated by +Joseph Bloch

- "The Gnomes of Levnec" and "A Thousand Dead Babies" in PDF donated by +Zzarchov Kowolski

- a WardCo reprint of the original Metamorphosis Alpha rules signed by James Ward himself donated by +Tim Snider

- print copies of TM1 The Ogress of Anubis and VA1 Valley of the Five Fires donated by Rich "New Big Dragon" - Rich will be mailing via Lulu and will eat the shipping cost for international recipients, so he is double generous :)

- a set of The Manor (issues 1-5) in print and 1 set in PDF donated by +Tim Shorts

-  1 *PRINT* (+PDF) copy each of Crawl, 1-8 and a copy of Hack: Firearms! donated by +Dak Ultimak

and yesterday's listing:

1 set including the following -S&W Whitebox (softcover), Heroes & Other Worlds Adventure Game and Whitehack (a very generous donor)

DCC RPG Core Rulebook (1st Printing) (your tavern keeper)

AL 4 - The Way Station and AL 5 - Stars in the Darkness for the DCC RPG (print set - possibly more than one set - donated by +Purple Duck Games 

2 copies of Lords of Gossamer & Shadow (hardcover - your tavern keeper)

1 copy of Dwarves & Dragons (strategy game by Ken St. Andre - signed and numbered 33/100 and donated by your tavern keeper)

1 copy of Three Days Until Retirement (in print and donated by Stuart K - who also wrote and Kickstarted it successfully)

1 copy of Treasure Awaits (softcover andan excellent OSR styles game donated by +Brett Bernstein )

1 copy of Lords of Olympus (softcover B&W donated by +Brett Bernstein )

Other items I find in the prize closet / basement (old games, duplicates, etc)

Other items donated in print and / or PDF

RPGNow store credit.


  1. sheeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Count 1 *PRINT* (+PDF) copy each of Crawl, 1-8 and a copy of Hack: Firearms! to be added to this glorious pile. That's CHISMASS for 9 more folks, or a lucky fewer. How every you want to do it. I'll even take care of the shipping (though the USPS could use the business.)

  2. I'll throw in a $15.00 gift card to RPGnow, Erik.

  3. Hmmm, you think someone would be interested in a print copy of my little Edge of Space RPG and the first module? I maybe could find the time this Christmas to print another one up.


    1. I want to buy a copy of both when you get more printed!!!!!

    2. I think that would be awesome - love my copy :)

    3. Some day I will find time (and focus) to do another print run and I will offer them up.

      Erik, I am going to offer up a set of handmade Elder Futhark Runes like I just showcased on my blog. Please add that to your list.

    4. Of course folks would love to have a copy of those cool booklets. I love my copies even though Bug (my dog) chewed one a little, but I still got it.

  4. Eric, I didn't see a copy of Axes & Anvils on the list. Did you try contacting Mike to see if he wanted to donate one?

    Very nice prize list otherwise.

    1. My copy of Myth & Magic players guide may hit the prize closet - not sure yet ;)

  5. Glad to be one of your Santas...Love reading your site and getting back into the gaming I grew up with. It seems the OSR gamers are definitely a caring group.


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