Thursday, November 21, 2013

The OSR Has Blown My Mind and Exceeded My Expectations - As Always

You know what? I had this idea for a little Christmas Giveaway. Nothing big, maybe squeeze some PDFs from a few of the publishers I'm on good terms with, throw in a handful of print items I had in the prize closet collecting some dust and call it a day or twelve.

Strangely enough, one of this blog's fine readers had a similar idea, and had a small bundle of OSR goodness he wanted to share with the community and offered to donate for the cause. So, I put together a little list of what we had to give away, posted it as the 12 Days of OSR Christmas preview and the donations haven't stopped coming in.

I'll need to do another update tomorrow morning, as at least three more publishers / creators are adding themselves as "not so secret Santa' since this morning's update and I still haven't tried to shake the tree for some gifts from the larger players ;)

The OSR is an active community. It's a tight community. It's a giving community, as is evidenced not just in the works that are being donated for the Christmas Giveaway, but in the free works that are produced for the community, by the community, on nearly a daily basis.

The Tavern is just one small light in a multitude of blogs, podcasts, content creators and publishers that keep our corner of the RPG hobby growing and vibrant. I'll be shining that small light on my particular favorites in the weeks and months to come.

Thanks to one and all - now to put together that damn spreadsheet before I lose track of it all...


  1. I could almost hear you growl when I read "spreadsheet".

    1. you are not far from the truth - i hate 'em but need them at times

      with the email i just received detailing prizes that will hit tomorrows update, it will be "spreadsheet or sink"

  2. This is great! I too have been impressed at the giving and sharing around the community. Love it!

  3. Lots of great stuff Erik. Should be a fun time for all...well, excpet maybe you doing all the coordinating.

    1. so far adding a dozen more gifts with tomorrow morning's post, including a PDF bundle of NOD issues 1-21 ;)


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